Saturday, December 16, 2006

100% One Go !! 全力以负

我做事情常常迷迷糊糊,从没真真的想过自己想要的结果, 或刻意的达到自己想要达到的结果。

Is Our Life Same As A Game?

This is how i play game......
When i lost a game, i will just restart it and play again.
When i am not happy with the game, i will just stop in the middle and restart again.
Because i know game is just a game, if i am not happy, i can just RESTART the game.

One day, i just had thought that actually how we play a game has reflected how we rule our life.

And so i realize that, our life is actually same as a game, but it is not a game. Because there is no RESTART, there is no return.... (if you can understand)

Therefore, we should play hard everytime, put 100% effort, and win it.... The more you play, the more you gain..... but remember no regret....

"The Winner Has More Defeat Than A Loser"

1 comment:

Titan said...

I like play games,

For every games, i start to play, i will end it... NO MATTER how hard it is.

But, before i start the games, i will select the games which is story, nice graphic, challeges and ... e.g. FF7, Resident Evil 1 & 2,...

I will practice my life like i practice in playing games...

Wish all the best. Hehe