Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why we work?

Have you ever ask yourself?

1...... you like to work
2...... you see your friend work
3...... you don't have money

Most people is because 3, some is because 2, and (alien) is because 1
So, what is your answer?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I like to dream. Anytime, Anywhere, Anything....

The most scary dream....
When i am small, i most scare of dreaming ghost that make me un-sleep-able after awaken.
When i am in school, i most scare of dreaming exams (especially cant answer the paper at all)
When i am working now, i most scare of dreaming boss and all the works waiting me.... :(

However, i like to dreaming in the day time. Dreaming myself lying on the beach, watching a wide blue sky, and start dreaming anything.... really have fun.

Some people say, if you keep dreaming of something, after 100 times, it'll becomes true.

I hope one day my dream can comes true.... 希望一天夢想能成真