Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bonus !!!

On waiting for the CNY come, it is also the time most employee waiting for year end bonus! I'm one of them :P

Starting early January, i and my colleagues, we are hoping, waiting for the bonus. Usually, my boss will announce that we have bonus at early of the year, but this year seems very silence... so we also scare of asking too... Since the economy is getting bad, we are not to put too high expectation, just pray there is one....

All the bosses, do you know, actually when the employee get your bonus, it is an encouragement to the employee to work harder for the company. It is a sign of the company appreciate for their contribution during the last one year.

However, on the bonus day, there are some people happy, and also some people disappointed. My bonus OK la, as what my colleague said, on this economy bad time, we still have bonus consider lucky...

So i should thanks my boss... and also to myself... I will pet myself for having work hard last year. Now CNY holiday should be time to have a rest and enjoy.



I come la.....

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