Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY gathering

During CNY festival, usually it is the best time for us to have gathering with our long time no see relative, friends, school mate, etc... Especially for those working in the city, everyone is so busy with work and own family everyday, it is hard, hard and hard to visit each other.... (If there is time, better have a sleep & rest :P)

So thats means one year only see relatives one time, after CNY visit, have to wait next year CNY to meet again.... hahaha... sounds rediculious. But it is truth, unless there is relative wedding dinner during that year, then can meet one more time or more.

Since young, i thought during CNY can have better rest, as it is holiday, no need to work, then will have more time for eating and watching TV. Who knows, every year during CNY is the most tired period, as i need to visit all the relatives in just 15 days.

This year is my first year celebrate CNY with my family at Kuching. It rains most of the time. We visited all relatives, and try to meet friends as much as we can. Giving out ang pow, and also receiving ang pow for my daughter. hehehe....

We eat a lot, chat a lot, drink a lot... As the age getting older, i feel enjoying these time with relatives and friends. It is no more tiring, but a precious time with them, that we should appreciate it.

One week holiday, already gone 3 1/2 days. I wish the rains stop quickly, time don't pass so fast, so we can enjoying more on this holiday!!!


CH Voon said...

rain is money la
more rain mean more money

waiyoke said...

It always rain in Kuching during CNY.... my ex-collegue told me last time.... seems like it's true... so much different from KL, always hot hot hot with bright bright bright sun!!!

waiyoke said...

emm.... can I add your blog to my bloglist??