Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Ox Year Mission

We are always asked to set our target or mission at work by our boss, however, a lot of people forget that we should set mission for ourself too. Let me think, what is my mission for the coming OX year.....

1. I want to have more time with my family.
In last few months, i have been too busy with my works, when reaching home, i'm almost exhausted. I wish i can be more efficient in my works, so that i can go back home earlier.

2. I want to more keep in touch with my friends
Nowaday, everybody are busy with their own work and family. Especially now i have a baby, more difficult now to find time to meet with friends. I wish i can keep in touch with all my friends through blogging, friendster and email.

3. I want to slim down
I have been getting too much fat in my body, especially on my tummy after pregnant. I wish i can slim down, so that i will looks better with tight clothes :P

4. Earn more money
Economy is getting bad and bad, goods price are increasing. I wish i can earn more money to cover the expenses, and also keep for my children.

5. Go for at least one holiday trip
Life is short, work is never end. Chinese got one phrase say 'Rest for a longer journey', so i wish to plan at least one holiday trip next year to rest and recharge myself. Also, to take a chance to have a value time with my family

6. To be update......

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