Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine Day

I am so surprise to receive a boutique flower plus a Ferrerro Rocher chocolate from my lovely husband this year. It was sent to my office yesterday, i take it up from the ground floor, up to the 2nd floor where my work place. I can feel the jealous eyes looking at me especially from my lady colleagues... oh my god! i am so shy to bring it in front of them.
Once received, i immediately send a sms to my husband, "thank you very much....a lot a lot...." To cover up the jealous eyes, i decided to share my Ferrero Rocher chocolate with my colleagues, of course i ask the permission from my husband first. hehehe....
On the Valentine Day, the 12 roses blooming in the early morning when i wake up. It is so beautiful, so i have took a picture of it.

This is the 7 times i received flower from him. I feel that i am a lucky woman!
When i show the flower to Vanessa, my daughter, this is her reaction.

Smile until cannot see eyes

Thank you vey much Victor!

I wish all lovers HAPPY VALENTINE DAY 2009!

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